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The PM620 is a high-production, highly maneuverable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass.

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    • Cutting System
      Maximum Milling Depth 330 mm
      Milling Width 2010 mm
      Number of Bits 178
      Rotor Speeds 100 / 109 / 118 rpm
    • Power Train
      Engine Cat C18
      Maximum Milling Speed 100 m/min
      Maximum Travel Speed 5.9 km/h
      Rated Power 470 kW
    • Weights
      Operating Weight 33330 kg
      Transport Weight 29400 kg
    • Dimensions
      Conveyor Swing 60 degrees from center
      Height - Canopy 4.05 m
      Maximum Truck Clearance 4.86 m
      Minimum Left Cutting Radius 2 m
      Minimum Right Cutting Radius 2 m
      Operating Length - Conveyor Up 14.52 m
      Operating Width 2.79 m
      Transport Height 3 m
      Transport Length 12.43 m
      Transport Width 2.5 m
    • Service Refill Capacities
      Cooling System 85 l
      Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 47 l
      Engine Oil 65 l
      Fuel Tank 1108 l
      Hydraulic Tank 113 l
      Water Spray System Tank 3400 l

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