Harness cheaper power through your environment

Your operations could slash running costs by switching to a solar power solution, eliminating recurring payments to the grid or the cumulative cost of maintaining generator sets.

Flexible and customizable, a solar power solution can be roof-mounted for commercial institutions like banks, telecom providers and data centres, or ground-mounted for construction, mining and agricultural sites. See how much you could save with the calculator on the right.

Download A Guide To Going Solar to learn about the continuous saving opportunities and the investment involved.

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Mantrac’s Success With Renewable Solutions

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Total Genset Power Output

The output from your gensets will indicate whether it is more cost-effective to supplement or replace with solar


These preliminary values cover how many PV panels and how much space is needed for an equivalent, replacement solar power solution.

840 kWp

Recommended maximum PV

6090 m² (approx.)

Recommended space requirement

Mounting Type

A solar array can be installed on roofs in smaller spaces, or on the ground with land available

Available Area

The square metre area directly relates to how much sunlight can be captured to generate solar power

Nearest City

Available sunlight varies by location and influences the potential to generate solar power

Grid Reliance

In addition to gensets, a solar solution can cost-effectively reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid


Annual Grid Power Cost

Your yearly grid power payments will be compared with an equivalent solar power alternative

Backup Generator Load

Comparable to your current backup power system, stored solar power can maintain power flow cost-effectively


Annual Genset Operator Costs

Yearly costs of fuel consumption and service can be reduced or eliminated with a solar alternative

Operating Hours

Solar power can be stored for use around-the-clock, supplementing or replacing other power sources


Total Operating Days

Solar power can be leveraged year-round, independently or across seasons with storage or other power sources


Contact Information

Share your contact information to receive a breakdown of your potential savings by integrating or switching to a solar power solution. Your results will also be visible on submission.

Based on your Grid reliance of 30% at the rate of $25,000/year as well as your reliance on the backup generators 70% of the time running a load of 70% at a cost of $1,000,000 yearly. Edit

Potential Savings

Estimated Savings per year


Payback Estimation

3 years