Couplers - Backhoe Rear

The Cat® Coupler range can attach to the rear of your Backhoe, enabling swift Bucket changes while you’re out on the field.

Less time changing buckets, more time
for machine productivity

Mantrac provides three types of Cat Backhoe Rear Couplers, maximising work time on the field. Pin Lock Couplers are fully compatible with Wain-Roy and Gannon-style buckets, while Pin Puller Couplers offer increased versatility at a competitve cost.

Pin Grabber Couplers are a third option, featuring Dual Lock™ Technology. The first lock connects the Coupler to the cylinder, while maintaining positive pressure on the bucket pin. The secondary lock is independent of the cylinder, connecting the Coupler directly to the machine.

Couplers - Backhoe Rear