In everything we strive for, we strive for excellence. Often, achievements are not the result of a single person’s dedication, but of a series of individuals who take personal responsibility and function as an integral part of a team or group.

Service Excellence Performance

Each year, CAT assesses the dealers they work with and awards medals of recognition. The results for Service Excellence Performance (SEP) in Q1 of 2020 saw over 150 dealerships, from all over the world, assessed on SEP criteria. These criteria fall into four categories: Safety and Quality, Customer Experience, Service Growth and Profitability, with assessable metrics and attributes within each category. Dealerships are also assessed on developmental capabilities around serving customers, building loyalty and growing profitably.

Information on how success is determined and assessed for each dealership is kept on the portal, where every dealership can access it and review at any time. Quarterly breakdowns are used to break up the year and each dealership is awarded a medal based on the lesser performing of their two best quarters.

Mantrac Tanzania has been recognised as one of the best dealerships worldwide. Ranking inside the top 7% globally, they were the only dealership in EMEA to be awarded a silver medal for their performance. An impressive and much deserved accolade that the team are rightly proud of.

Additionally, the dealership teams in Egypt, Ghana, Uganda and Russia, all received bronze medals for the same assessment period. 


The key to Tanzania’s success has lied in not only in their performance throughout the assessment period but in the preparation that has been undertaken for assessment.

Initially, Mohamed El Attar, Matthew Woodall and Joachim Musa got together to discuss how Tanzania would prepare for their assessment. They agreed that the best way forward would be to assign a champion for each of the attribute groups

Aligning these groups with specific individuals allowed a far greater focus on each. There would be focus on what each needed to do in terms of success, but also, how they could go about documenting and proving that success to the assessment team.​​​​​​​

List of champions

This led to a swell in communication between the champions, other staff and the management team around each of the criteria. This elevated level of focus and collaboration allowed for granular insights into the challenge they were facing. If one person had been assigned to oversee all criteria, this level of interaction would not have been possible. 







Throughout January the management team, the champions and the dealership worked together to refine the day-to-day operations while also looking at the broader picture. What improvements could they make? What data did they have? How were they demonstrating the capabilities required?

By February, the team had submitted their part of the assessment process. This constituted an array of individual proofs, data-based evidence and additional annotations and comments to CAT. This was followed up by an assessment visit by CAT staff to see the dealership, talk to the staff and corroborate the submission’s contents.

Simon Griffiths and Mehul Attree visited the site and spent much of their time overseeing day-to-day operations, asking questions and comparing the submitted evidence with the in-the-flesh reality. During their visit both took comprehensive notes, which along with the submitted evidences, go towards the scoring of each attribute, which were finalised in Early March, leading to the awarding of a Silver Medal to the dealership.


When we combine personal responsibility with working together as a group, we can magnify the results beyond what any individual might achieve.

The champions that oversaw the individual criteria of the SEP assessment for the Tanzanian dealership took responsibility for their work, and by doing so together, they improved the standing of the dealership, further improving the quality of Mantrac’s offering in the region and showed themselves to be one of the best dealerships in Africa and across the world.

Their efforts have elevated the Tanzania dealership so that it is now the standard bearer for how a dealership should operate and will be the bar by which others are measured.