With smart wearables for drivers and AI-powered fatigue detection technology, Mantrac's Driver Safety System (DSS) helped Barrick achieve 98% reduction in site mishaps.


Reduction in incidents on the mine site


Operators engaged for training on fatigue detection

3 months

Execution period of the DSS, including transitioning

Helping you harness every valuable resource on your mine site

The Barrick Gold Mine contacted Mantrac to help resolve a recurring issue on their site. They were witnessing 12 accidents per year, including one where an operator was driving a truck that rolled over and injured him. Mantrac suggested and implemented state-of-the-art fatigue detection technology via a comprehensive change management program for the site. A Driver Safety System (DSS) was designed to keep operators safe, equipment working and productivity up. Learning from technology that has been tried and tested on 5,000 trucks worldwide, Mantrac designed a total safety and productivity solution that engaged 90 operators of 15 trucks over a three-month transition period.

With custom smart bands, operators were able to manage sleep and fatigue. The trucks were also fitted with AI kits that detect microsleep events and alerts the operator with an audio signal and seat vibrations. A recording of the event is also sent to a team dedicate to managing health and safety on the worksite via SMS. By detecting eyelids closing, eyeball movements, chin orientation and distraction events, this technology from Mantrac caught instances of distracted driving, microsleep, speeding and more. The management received daily incident reports from Mantrac consultants, in addition to data dashboard access.