To bring Spaceplast immediate electricity savings, Mantrac studied, designed and executed this project in just seven weeks. The highest quality components were identified and sourced from six different countries, ensuring the highest standards for quality and longevity of the system.

590,000 kWh

Annual power generated from the solution


Number of oil barrels spared per year

3.6 acres

Forest area preserved annually

Energising Spaceplast Ghana's operations for increased profitability

A major concern for Spaceplast, a high-quality plastic manufacturing and export company in Accra, Ghana, was to reduce their exorbitant electricity bills. Mantrac first conducted a feasibility study with the company to identify the lowest-cost option in the long-run option that would meet their goals for sustainable success.

A solar powered solution was designed, sourcing the highest quality materials from USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Egypt. It comprised Cat® thin-film PV modules, string inverters, mounting systems, totalising panels, a DC combiner box and cables. In total, 3,058 solar panels were used. To avoid infrastructure costs, the rooftop was used as the mounting area for the solar panels.

The solution reduced Spaceplast's electricity costs by 20%. In the future, the firm plans to add more solar panels and technology from Mantrac.

“We wanted to get panels that would last 20-30 years, without any problems. Mantrac was able to provide this. We realised competitor panels in the market will last maybe 5 or 6 years, after which they will have to be replaced for double the cost.”

Hussein EL Hajj

HR Manager, Spaceplast

“We did a feasibility study with Mantrac, and they advised us on the best way to implement a solar power solution. When we wanted to execute, they completed the entire installation in less than seven weeks.”

Hussein EL Hajj

HR Manager, Spaceplast

“We all deserve to get free energy from the sun. It already exists. These solutions are low-cost in the long-term, making it very good for business. The most important thing is to get your solar solution from a highly-reputable firm like Mantrac.”

Hussein EL Hajj

HR Manager, Spaceplast