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Elemech Engineering, Kenya, needed to conduct frequent maintenance, including engine oil drainage with short periods of time in between. See how we helped them achieve this.

$7,000 in savings with our
maintenance services

The company used to conduct their own maintenance using a non-Cat brand of engine and hydraulic oil. The result was a very short Oil Drain Interval (ODI), resulting in more money being spent on new oil and labour. To solve this problem, our Kenya branch proposed an Equipment Management Solution. The company enrolled 12 machines in a CVA preventive maintenance contract, which included Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S).

Machines were maintained according to OEM specifications, backed by our Condition Monitoring experts. The oils used were replaced with Caterpillar Fluids DEO 15W-40, HYDO Advanced 30 and TDTO 30/50, resulting in massive savings from a long ODI. Hydraulic oil was extended to 6,000 hours from 1,000 hours, while diesel engine oil went from 200 hours up to 250 hours by using SOS analysis.


non-Cat equipment serviced according to client needs


increase in ODI with Cat fluids


increase in diesel engine ODI with S.O.S

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Scheduled Oil Sampling
Scheduled Oil Sampling
Our Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.SSM) service helps control the risk of contamination with scientific analysis, keeping your equipment operations efficient.