Team Mantrac was on standby to provide support with a service team and spare parts for the Suez Canal Authority’s Cat/MaK powered equipment on site.  

The Authority started dredging from the shore to a dredging depth of 15m, and dredging rates are approaching 17,000 cubic meters of sand from the target of 20,000. The Ever Given was freed on Monday with the help of the Mashour, a large dredging ship that moves 70,000 ft of sand per hour.  

Caterpillar fleet on site included:  

  • Ezzat Adeli and Baraka1 tugs - both powered by a pair of MaK´s 8M453C, each 2,9MW, with a bollard pull of 102 tonnes 

  • Tahia Misr1 and Tahia Misr2 - each with a bollard pull of 70 tonnes, are powered by two Cat 3406 engines 

  • Dredgers Alasher and Mashhour - each have two Cat 3608 engines 

  • Bakarat – powered by 2 3512 engines  

  • Svitzer (Global Account) Port Said 1 and Port Said 2 – each powered by two 53516 engines, 2525kW at 1800RPM delivering a static bollard pull of 82 tonnes 

Suez Canal Authority is a dealer-led Key Account, which with Mantrac and Caterpillar have a strong relationship with for both MaK and Cat high speed engines. Mantrac will carry out Preventive Maintenance on all Svitzer engines and change the cooling water for all engines after working hard on this mission.  

Rahul Kumar, Technical Manager AMEA, Svitzer said: “This is definitely not standard operation for tugs, but we did the job”, supporting Egyptian customers Maridive oil services and Dredger MD703 powered by two 3412C and a C4. 

In a Facebook post, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi thanked Egyptians “who contributed technically and practically to ending” the Ever Given crisis in Suez Canal. The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority explained that local efforts comprised 98% of all efforts to re-float the Ever Given. He noted that 15 Egyptian units that belong to the SCA have participated, including 12 tugboats and two dredgers. 

Watch videos of the Ever Given being freed here: